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Learn All About the Alternative Fuel Options in the Kia Lineup

For a long time, gas has been the only fuel powering your vehicle, but that's changed in recent years. Car brands are introducing more and more alternative fuel vehicles to their lineups, and Kia is no different. There are many benefits to alternative fuel vehicles, and you'll find a variety of Kia options when shopping at our dealership. If you've heard a lot about alternative fuel vehicles and want to learn more about them or want to learn the Kia alternative fuel vehicle options, be sure to read on or contact our dealership.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Options

There has been a lot of innovation regrading motors that don't need gasoline, which has led to some exciting alternative fuels. Electricity is, of course, the big one, and these are the most common alternative fuel vehicles on the market. You can find biodiesel vehicles, but drivers can struggle to find a  regular supply of biodiesel. The same goes for hydrogen vehicles, but these have impressive fuel economy.


Our new Kia hybrids use both gas and electric motors at the same time. This means less gas for cruising and acceleration, which improves your efficiency and savings.

Plug-in Hybrids:

Kia plug-in hybrids differ from normal hybrids in that they have a small battery to store electric power, which you can use in place of the gas motor or use them together for better fuel economy.

Electric Vehicles:

Avoid gas entirely with a Kia electric car. Electric vehicles (EVs) rely solely on electric power, which means zero emissions. Electric motors have come a long way in recent years, so you can expect plenty of power from these ultra-efficient cars and SUVs.

Benefits of Buying a Kia Alternative Fuel Vehicle

The main benefit of buying an alternative fuel vehicle is the fuel savings. Our new Kia EVs and hybrids provide those fuel savings with less environmental impact. There are tax benefits to buying alternative fuel vehicles, so you may find that a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle is actually more affordable than you thought! These models are all modern offers, too, so expect other innovation, like advanced safety technologies and smartphone-focused features.

Current Offers of Kia Hybrids and Electric Vehicles

So, there are many benefits to consider when buying a Kia alternative fuel vehicle from us. You'll also have to consider the options available to you. We've highlighted our current hybrids and electric Kia models for you.


Your options for electric vehicles have never looked better, thanks to the Kia EV6. This all-electric option offers you a range up to 310 miles, and delivers a quick acceleration of 0-60 mph in just 4.6 seconds. From the available Augmented Reality Head-Up Display to Dual Panoramic Screens, the future is now!

New Kia Niro Hybrids and EV

The Kia Niro is a terrific crossover SUV that has many modern features. The Kia Niro offers all three of the options that we discussed above. The Kia Niro Electric has a great range on one charge and impressive capability. There's also the Kia Niro Plug-in Hybrid and Kia Niro Hybrid for sale. All of these options provide style, safety, and comfort.


New Kia Sorento Hybrids

The Kia Sorento is a fantastic three-row SUV that families enjoy, and we have the Kia Sorento Hybrid for sale if you want more value from your mid-size SUV. The Kia Sorento Hybrid has a roomy cabin, smart safety technologies, and entertainment options, and you'll be spending less time at the pump!

Upcoming Kia EV & Hybrid Models

Electric and hybrid vehicles are changing the way drivers take on their daily commutes in Longview, TX. Kia has and is announcing some very exciting vehicles that run on these innovative technologies, like the new Kia Sportage Hybrid. While there have been a few hybrid options in the past and the new EV6 was announced, there are many more exciting things coming from this beloved manufacturer.

The Kia EV6

The all-new Kia EV6 will outdo any preconceptions you had about electric vehicles. This model offers up to 300-miles of range, taking you further on a single charge than many competitors. The EV6 is also fast and brings dynamic experiences to your daily drive through East Texas. Overall, drivers can expect a lot from this upcoming EV.

Shop Kia EV6

Used Hybrid & EV Models

Throughout the past few years, Kia has manufactured a range of hybrid electric options. The Kia Optima Hybrid serves drivers with an efficient way to get around town. There is also the Kia Soul EV. This model will cut down your carbon emissions while driving in style. Some of the previous hybrid and EV options find their way into our used inventory, so be sure to keep an eye out if you're interested.

Advantages to a Hybrid Vehicle in Texas

East Texas drivers can see a myriad of benefits to driving a hybrid Kia option. The main perk is cutting down your carbon emissions. This keeps our community and environment much cleaner for everyone to enjoy. It also helps that these vehicles will save you money in both fuel costs and maintenance requirements!

Finance Your Kia EV or Hybrid Model with Our Team

At Peltier Kia Longview, we have an excellent financial center staffed by trained professionals. These experts will help you fit a budget and plan a manageable monthly payment calendar with ease. When you are looking to buy a new Kia EV or used hybrid, we are the Longview, TX, dealership to choose.

Contact Us to Learn More About Kia Alternative Fuel Options

We hope that this alternative fuel vehicle overview helped you learn about the options available and the benefits of buying one. If you have questions about our new Kia hybrids and electric SUVs for sale, be sure to contact our dealership to get the answers and help you need!

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